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Train ride from Cape Town to Simons Town, South Africa.
Viagem de comboio entre a Cidade do Cabo e Simons Town, África do Sul.

Photo copyright: George M. Groutas

Nelson Mandela visits the Robben Island cell where he spent 19 years in prison in 1994.

Ph: David Turnley

If you identify as LGBTQI (or know anyone that is) and are living in Cape Town, I am in DESPERATE need of your help. 

This weekend marks the last few days before one of my photography projects is due to be handed in. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, not all of the individuals arranged to photograph were able to come through. As such, I am in DESPERATE need of new faces to photograph. I am aware that this is really late notice but any help or referrals would be greatly appreciated. This interested should email: FYEAHAFRICA@GMAIL.COM for further info.

Otherwise, feel free to pass the word on.

PLEASE NOTE: This project is solely for academic purposes (non-commercial) and involves no renumeration.


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