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You’d imagine that, in a post-Kony 2012 world, it’d be pretty hard to set new standards in the “Patronizing Africans” game. Well, imagine anew, my friends. American “violinist, musician, dancer, performance artist, and composer” Lindsey Stirling has covered Rihanna’s “We Found Love” and she’s shot a video for it in Kenya, all arranged and paid for by “social shopping” site VenTribe.com.

But forget about the awesome Kenyan Kikoys for a second if you can, because this video has implications that are even wider reaching. Namely, that Lindsey’s now competing with Jason Russell for the adoration of American teenagers who think Twitter saved Arabia and know for certain that Facebook will make poverty history. Because, you see, Africa is “hopeless” and the photogenic people who live there must be saved so that they can buy each other clothes online.

Here’s a little guide to Africa’s new hero (read more).