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Ghanaian highlife music supergroup African Brothers Band performs their song ‘Agatha’ live, and what a performance it is.

Such flawless style too.

Today’s classic tune.

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Kiki Gyan,
Feeling So Good


Kiki Gyan - Sexy Dancer (1979).

While most of the world was paying attention to the American and Italian Disco sounds, Ghanaian wunderkind Kiki Gyan was in London bringin’ some masterful jams. Sadly, Maestro Kiki fell victim to AIDS in 2004

today’s classic tune.

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Mulatu Astake & The Heliocentrics

Ethiopia’s premier jazz legend Mulatu Astake brings us today’s classic tune, 'Cha Cha' - a deep and sultry Cuban-inspired instrumental - played together with The Heliocentrics.

Today’s classic tune comes from Somali artist Magool.

According to the Youtube description, this video is titled ‘Anna waxaan run & been’. Digging the beats to this song, as well as Magool’s beaded braids, just wish the video was better quality.

I believe she’s known popularly as ‘Magool’ but was born Halima Khaliif Omar in the city of Dhusa Mareb, the capital of the Galgaduud region in central Somalia. in 1948, and passed away in Amsterdamn in 2004. She began her singing career in 1959 after joining a Mogadishu-based band and by the 1960s had gained a significant amount of popularity in her home country.

In the 1970s, whilst Somalia was at war with Ethiopia over the Ogaden, she sang patriotic Somali songs, but by the end of the decade, she began using her music to criticize the ruling military government in Somalia at the time. Magool then left the country on a self-imposed exile which lasted until 1987. To mark her return back to Mogadishu, a concert titled “Mogadishu and Magool” was held and is, to date, the most successful concert in Somali history.

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TODAY’S CLASSIC TUNE: Noura - Benti Ya Benti

Music from Algerian singer Noura, born Fatima Zohra Badji in 1942 in Cherchell, Algeria.

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Youssou N'Dour ,

TODAY’S CLASSIC TUNE: Youssou N’Dour - Birima

TODAY’S CLASSIC TUNE: Miriam Makeba performing “Baxabene Oxamu” aka “Oxgam” live. One of my favourite songs sung by her.

You can listen to Busi Mhlongo’s live version here.

TODAY’S CLASSIC TUNE: Oumou Sangaré - Iyo Djeli

Taken from Oumou Sangare’s album ‘Seya’. Love this song, love this woman.

More African Music.

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Lounès Matoub

TODAY’S CLASSIC TUNE: Lounès Matoub - Ddeεwessu

I unfortunately don’t know the name of this great song but if anyone else recognizes it, please let me know.

ETA; Thanks to kermus for informing that this song is called ‘Ddeεwessu’ which means “malediction” in Kabyle.


William Onyeabor, Crashes in Love

A tragedy on how an African Princess rejects the love that money buys

More African Music.

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Question Mark,
Be Nice To The People

TODAY’S CLASSIC TUNE: Question Mark - Be Nice to People

If you like Ofege, you’ll love their fellow Nigerian afro-funk band ‘Question Mark’. This particular track was recorded in Kenya in 1974.

The band featured Frank Izuorah (vocals, organ); Victor Egbe (guitar); Amehi Izuorah (bass guitar); Chyke Okafor (drums) and Uzo Agulefo (percussion).

More African Music.

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Jimmy Dludlu,

TODAY’S CLASSIC TUNE: Jimmy Dludlu - Walk of life

My favourite song, along with ‘Tote’, from Mozambican-South African musician and legendary guitarist Jimmy Dludlu.

More African Music.

TODAY’S CLASSIC TUNE: Miriam Makeba - A Luta Continua & Pata Pata ‘79

TODAY’S CLASSIC TUNE: Ishmael - Roba Letheka

Classic hit track from South African singer Ishmael, from his album of the same name released in 2001.

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