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Young South African Entrepreneur Designs Innovative Eco-Friendly Schoolbags.

21-year-old South African innovator and entrepreneur Thato Kgatlhanye is the founder of Repurpose Schoolbags, an incredible initiative and business venture that combines community awareness, environmentalism and women’s empowerment.

Encouraged my a university assignment, Kgatlhanye first set up a company called Rethaka with two friends, at the age of 18. Rethaka was aimed at exploring societal problems, uncovering opportunities and seeking sustainable solutions for them.

Focusing primarily on low-income communities, and in particular women and children, Rethaka’s first project is the highly creative and ingeniously designed Repurpose Schoolbags operation. Made from 100% recycled plastic bags, each schoolbag is equipped with a mini solar panel that charges when exposed to sunlight (during school walks, etc) allowing students to study without electricity for up to 12 hours. Not only does this lift a significant burden and strain off the children who use these bags and their families, the bags are enveloped with retro-reflective material that makes children more visible when walking - be it early in the morning or during the darker hours of the evening, making them much safer as they travel. 

Kgatlhanye’s commitment to community development is echoed throughout her business which employs seven full-time staff and has a management team of three - all women, with the exception of one.

Repurpose aims to continue to grow through the help of giving partnerships and future expansions. It’ll be incredible to see what more comes from Kgatlhanye and her team.

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All Africa, All the time.

Idris Elba Has Made An Album Based On His Experience Playing Nelson Mandela.

From the looks of things, it seems that Idris Elba has taken his passion and admiration for Nelson Mandela very seriously.

Moving beyond his recent role in the Justin Chadwick biopic, Elba was so inspired by the research he did as part of the preparation for his role that he put together an concept album based on the music Mandela enjoyed.

Titled Mi Mandela, the experimental album was made over the course of three weeks and features 11 unique songs, some made with the help of local talent like producer Spoek Mathambo, Ndebele music legend Nothembi Mkhwebane and singing group the Mahotella Queens.

Whilst Elba, who DJs and releases music under the name ‘Driis’, is no stranger to producing songs and making mixes, he’s enlisted a wide range of artists including James Blake, Mumford & Sons, Mr Hudson and Cody ChesnuTT.

The album is due out November 24th but look out for the first single featuring Maverick Sabre a little sooner.

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All Africa, All the time.

NEW MUSIC: Khuli Chana - “Never Grow Up”.

His album Lost In Time may have been released last year but that hasn’t stopped South African rapper Khuli Chana from dropping new singles and videos from the album.

Staying true to its title, the video for the sixth single released from Lost In Time shows an imaginary young Khuli Chana having the time of his life in the kind of “kiddy party” most of us never had. It doesn’t top Biggie’s Sky’s The Limit but it’s still a great “kids-as-adults” themed music video.

NEW MUSIC: Cassper Nyovest - “Phumakim”.

Cassper Nyovest is hands down the single best thing to happen to South African hip-hop in the past couple of years.

With singles like Gusheshe, Doc Shebeleza and his recent double-video feature for Tsibip, which I’m still not over, it’s no surprise that his debut album Tsholofelo hit the number 1 spot on the iTunes South African albums chart (and stayed there for two months in a row). 

Now, the Maftwon-raised single Rapunzel braid sporting rapper has released visuals for his rags-to-riches anthem Phumakim - his most catchy-sounding sing along record yet.

Everyday People Stories.
Johannesburg, South Africa.

Images by Cedric Nzaka.

The Life of Steve Biko Chronicled Through Google’s Cultural Institute.
The brilliantly compiled Google Cultural Institute website offers a unique interactive and in-depth view into the life of Steve Biko, complete with timelines, photographs and important documents, compiled and archived from various sources include the Steve Biko Foundation, the South African History Archive, Africa Media Online and the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory.
Check it out here.

The Life of Steve Biko Chronicled Through Google’s Cultural Institute.

The brilliantly compiled Google Cultural Institute website offers a unique interactive and in-depth view into the life of Steve Biko, complete with timelines, photographs and important documents, compiled and archived from various sources include the Steve Biko Foundation, the South African History Archive, Africa Media Online and the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory.

Check it out here.

"Black man, you are on your own" - Steve Biko (18 December 1946 – 12 September 1977).

September 12th, marks the day South Africa anti-Apartheid activist and Black Consciousness leader Steve Biko was killed in police custody in Pretoria. Biko had been arrested a month earlier in Port Elizabeth where he had been detained and tortured, resulting in him falling into a coma.

Nearly dead and suffering a serious and untreated head injury, Biko was transported to Pretoria by car and died shortly after his arrival at the prison there. Police at the time would claim and broadcast to the world that Biko died due to a hunger strike but an autopsy and photographs taken of Biko postmortem, exposed with the help of journalists Donald Woods and Helen Zille, revealed that he had died as a result of the injuries he sustained whilst in police custody.

Today, nearly 40 years after his death at age 30, we remember a man that fought for an end to the brutality he and countless others suffered and still do today. The fight is far from over.

A luta continua!


The official spokesperson for Italian shoe brand Superga in South Africa,  DJ and television personality Poppy Ntshongwana models her personally-designed footwear for the label’s spring/summer lookbook.

(all images via Superga SA)

NEW MUSIC: Jonny Joburg - “Mazishe”.

Former SpazaShop Boyz member Jonny Joburg takes us on a seedy night time tour of his namesake city in a vintage car, accompanied by baseline that’s as dirty and as alluring as his flow.

The song is taken off his debut EP Sgebengu.

ART | “Township Life” by Willie Bester.

In this series by Willie Bester, a Western Cape-born artist, he brings to life the everyday mundane activities of life in a South African township by adding rich and vibrant colours to a canvas that might otherwise seem dull.

(image source)

MaXhosa by Laduma AW2014 Collection ‘Buyel’mbo’.

"Buyel’mbo is a Xhosa phrase often uttered by Xhosa elders when they reminisce about the nostalgic rural lifestyle at the old Xhosa homelands."

Designer: Laduma Ngxokolo
Photography: Ulrich Knoblauch
Styling: Tammy Tinker

MaXhosa Website.

NEW MUSIC: AKA ft K.O. - “Run Jozi (Goldy)”.

If you ever had speculations, or perhaps even any doubts, as to whether AKA was South Africa’s Drake, this video confirms that for four minutes and five seconds, he is.

Filmed in Jozi, this black-and-white video sees two of Mzansi’s high-ranking rappers team up and spit bars over a Tweezy-produced beat. Run Jozi (Godly) may be taken off AKA’s number one iTunes ranked album Levels, but it’s Teargas’ K.O. that shines on the track.

Lady M - The Incentive EP.

Just came across this uber deep house music mix from Cape Town based DJ, Lady M (aka Margaret Westergreen) and for a house music lover like myself, this is absolutely golden.

If you’re into what you hear, she’ll be performing at FUTUREDEEP this Friday, August 29th, at Julep in Cape Town and her slot begins at 11am.

NEW MUSIC: P.H.fat ft JungFreud - “Lights Out”.

Next generation South African duo P.H.fat team up with arguably one of South Africa’s best lyricists JungFreud AKA Nonku Phiri to make one of the best electronic hip-hop tracks of the year.

As for the video? Be prepared to see a bunch of girls breaking a whole bunch of things.

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NEW MUSIC: Okmalumkoolkat - “iJusi”.

An experimental rapper with an afrofuturist edge, it’s hard to not pay attention to anything South African artist Okmalumkoolkat does.

In the latest dark pink-tinted bi-coastal music video for iJusi, a single featured on hist recently released Holy Oxygen EP, the KZN rapper gives a nod to the late Pan-African icon Chinua Achebe and pioneering painter Jean-Michel Basquiat, whilst giving us alternating views of trippy scenes shot in Vienna and Johannesburg, and delivers a series of dope lines you’re sure to find yourself quoting before the end of the song (“boss talk, no Hugo).

“iJusi means juice in Zulu,” Okmalumkoolkat explains, “As in I got the shining, I am the blessed one.” He also mentions that the song’s intent was “to show flair like Basquiat’s brushstrokes, every bar is a stroke of genius. The poems are informative if you really listen. Just so you all know who has the shining. I feel like in terms of being one with oneself, I am the closest in the continent and in the world’s amongst spoken word messengers.”

(H/T: OkayAfrica)

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