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Congratulations to the newly awarded winner of the 2012 Caine Prize for African writing, Nigerian author of 'Bombay's Republic' Rotimi Babatunde.

Bombay’s Republic, follows a group of African soldiers fighting Hitler on the side of their British colonists, in the jungles of Burma.

Read an excerpt here:

The old jailhouse on the hilltop had remained uninhabited for many decades, through the construction of the town’s first grammar school and the beginning of house-to-house harassment from the affliction called sanitary inspectors, through the laying of the railway tracks by navvies who likewise succeeded in laying pregnancies in the bellies of several lovestruck girls, but fortunes changed for the building with the return of Colour Sergeant Bombay, the veteran who went off with the recruitment officers to Hitler’s War as a man and came back a spotted leopard…

Read the rest of Bombay’s Republichere.

Or purchase The Caine Prize for African Writing 2012, published by New Internationalist Bookshere.