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Located in the Horn of Africa and expanding over the area known as the Afar Triangle - spanning across Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti, lies a salty terrain known as the Danakil Desert.

Despite extremely high temperatures - the highest recorded temperature being 64.4°C/148°F - the region is home to the Afar People who have lived in the area for centuries. Afar People are highly skilled at mining the salt in the area by hand, aided with the use of specially crafted tools.

The Danakil Depression, which forms part of the Afar Triangle, hosts the lowest point in Africa - Lake Asal which lies at 155 metres or 509 feet below sea level.

Many volcanoes also exist in the region, including Erta Ale and the Dabbahu Volcano. In recent years, the Erta Ale volcano has erupted three times - in 2005, 2007 and 2008. The most recently recorded eruption of the Dabbahu volcano was on September 26, 2005.

Within the Erta Ale range lies the Dallol volcanic crater which was formed by a combination of the intrusion of basaltic magma in Miocene salt deposits and subsequent hydrothermal activity. The green liquid, which can be seen above, that surrounds the crater are discharged from hot springs in the area that release brine and acidic liquid. The term Dallol was coined by the Afar people and means dissolution or disintegration describing a landscape made up of green acid ponds (pH-values less than 1) iron oxide, sulfur and salt desert plains.



Among the Gbayas, on the high plateaus of Cameroon, the nighttime honey harvests take on the air of sacrificial ceremonies. To harvest the honey, the men first put on heavy suits of wood fibres. The sap from the tree that produces this wood gives off a substance that repels the bees. Often, they will be guided by a larva-loving bird, the informer, which leads them right to the nests in exchange for part of the harvest. [x]

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Ghoufi Canyon in Batna, Algeria
Photo courtesy of Flickr user xpixelsign


Ghoufi Canyon in Batna, Algeria

Photo courtesy of Flickr user xpixelsign

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This past weekend, Cape Town’s flat-topped natural icon Table Mountain was officially inaugurated as the newest Seven Wonders of Nature landscape by the Zurich-based foundation New7Wonders founded in 2001 by filmmaker Bernard Weber. This is a first not only for South Africa, but for Africa as well.

"Table Mountain is not only a spectacular backdrop for Cape Town, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but also offers visitors the unique experience of walking on top of the mountain and enjoy the most awe-inspiring panoramic views," Weber said at a ceremony at the foot of the mountain.

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Located in the neighborhood of Hamma in Algeria, the Jardin d’essai El Hamma is a 34 hectare garden, which extends in an amphitheater at the foot of the National Museum of Fine Arts in Algiers.

Created in 1832, the garden is one of the test gardens - a botanical garden established in the colonies as a source for supply of seeds and plants and provide information to the farming settlers - the world’s largest of it’s kind.



Mamah Beach


Stellenbosch cottage, Cape Winelands, South Africa.
Casa em Stellenbosch, Vinhas do Cabo, África do Sul.

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Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, Africa’s southwesternmost spot

A man rows through Kongou Falls in Ivindo National Park, Gabon


Charlotte falls


View of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco

Photo by Oxana Pokhitonova


Lake Retba, Senegal

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Baobab tree and the Night Sky in Mali

Photo by Roy Zipstein