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I want to like Theophilus London’s Kid Cudi-sounding new song ‘Do Girls’, off his upcoming sophomore effort Vibes, but the lyrics about sexuality and conversions seem problematic to me:

she kiss some girls because she wanna
but deep inside her soul she’s searching for D


Kwabs performing ‘Pray For Love’ exclusively for Rinse Sessions.

Because what’s better than a Kwabs record? Kwabs performing that record live and acoustic.

NEW MUSIC: Stromae - “Ave Maria”.

Never one to waste a second of video on anything less than amazing, Stromae’s fifth single of his album Racine Carée is a nostalgic decleration of love and a celebration of the late Cape Verdean singing legend Cesaria Evora.

Idris Elba Has Made An Album Based On His Experience Playing Nelson Mandela.

From the looks of things, it seems that Idris Elba has taken his passion and admiration for Nelson Mandela very seriously.

Moving beyond his recent role in the Justin Chadwick biopic, Elba was so inspired by the research he did as part of the preparation for his role that he put together an concept album based on the music Mandela enjoyed.

Titled Mi Mandela, the experimental album was made over the course of three weeks and features 11 unique songs, some made with the help of local talent like producer Spoek Mathambo, Ndebele music legend Nothembi Mkhwebane and singing group the Mahotella Queens.

Whilst Elba, who DJs and releases music under the name ‘Driis’, is no stranger to producing songs and making mixes, he’s enlisted a wide range of artists including James Blake, Mumford & Sons, Mr Hudson and Cody ChesnuTT.

The album is due out November 24th but look out for the first single featuring Maverick Sabre a little sooner.

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All Africa, All the time.

NEW MUSIC: MNEK - “In Your Clouds”.

Another catchy banger from MNEK, by far one of my favourite artists of the past year.

NEW MUSIC: Estelle - “Something Good”.

Following similar sounding releases from MOKO, MNEK and Azealia Banks, Estelle's latest track is yet another incredible song that channels the infectious sound of early to mid-90s dance music.

The feel good post-break up tune features signature repetitive up-tempo piano chords, backing choral singers, various percussion sounds and of course, a melodic horn section and solo. And just when you think the song is over, another tune kicks in and takes us in a completely different direction. Something Good follows the emotional and uplifting Conqueror. Both are taken from her upcoming album True Romance.

And just for kicks, you HAVE to listen to her Make Her Say (Beat It Up) song (another one from True Romance). Has my name written all over it.

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NEW MUSIC: Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 ft BLITZ the Ambassador - “African Smoke”.

What have we done to deserve another collaboration from two of the finest contemporary artists to have come out of the African continent? If you’re unaware of what I’m referring to, you may, but really shouldn’t, have missed out on their earlier partnership that was featured on Blitz’s must-have album Afropolitan Dreams.

The song, lifted of Seun’s recent album A Long Way to the Beginning, was inspired by a Keith Richards and features a beat and melody slightly similar to that of Fela’s Army Arrangement but still manages to stand solid from start to finish.

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NEW MUSIC: WizKid - “In My Bed”.

The video which caused a slight uproar when WizKid released images of the making-of shoot, showing only pictures of lightskinned and non-black women, is finally out. 

The verdict? Meh. It’s substandard and not even worth critisizing.


NEW MUSIC: Tricky featuring Tirzah - “Sun Down”.

Taken from his new album ‘Adrian Thaws’ and directed by Tricky himself, the cinematic-like video for Sun Down stars Norman Reedus and Mizuo Peck in a tempestuous story about a tumultuous relationship.

The song itself is as multi-layered as trip-hop gets and features additional vocals from London-based singer Tirzah. Kind of reminded me of his collaboration with PJ Harvey, Broken Homes.

Kwabs covers Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” putting his own signature sound on her pop original.

NEW MUSIC: Khuli Chana - “Never Grow Up”.

His album Lost In Time may have been released last year but that hasn’t stopped South African rapper Khuli Chana from dropping new singles and videos from the album.

Staying true to its title, the video for the sixth single released from Lost In Time shows an imaginary young Khuli Chana having the time of his life in the kind of “kiddy party” most of us never had. It doesn’t top Biggie’s Sky’s The Limit but it’s still a great “kids-as-adults” themed music video.

NEW MUSIC: Azealia Banks - “Chasing Time”.

After dropping her fiery single ‘Heavy Metal and Reflective' a short time ago, finally free from her major record label deal Azealia Banks gave us a glimmer of hope that her debut album, Broke With Expensive Taste, might just drop before the Apocalypse. While either are yet to happen, the singer has shown us that not only is she quite possibly for real this time, but just when you think you know what she’s capable of musically she manages to surprise us.

Listen to her brand new upbeat dance record “Chasing Time”.

NEW MUSIC: Chronixx - “Capture Land”.

Jamaican artist Chronixx leaves no stone on turned on this track as he details the ruthless and brutal consequences of the enslavement of Africans by Europeans and the subsequent systems of oppression that followed. The song comes off his 2014 EP Dread & Terrible.

NEW MUSIC: Cassper Nyovest - “Phumakim”.

Cassper Nyovest is hands down the single best thing to happen to South African hip-hop in the past couple of years.

With singles like Gusheshe, Doc Shebeleza and his recent double-video feature for Tsibip, which I’m still not over, it’s no surprise that his debut album Tsholofelo hit the number 1 spot on the iTunes South African albums chart (and stayed there for two months in a row). 

Now, the Maftwon-raised single Rapunzel braid sporting rapper has released visuals for his rags-to-riches anthem Phumakim - his most catchy-sounding sing along record yet.

Listen to Luke James’ upcoming self-titled debut studio album ahead of its September 23rd release date.

James’ will be performing live at SOBs on September 23rd for his official album release party.

Watch him perform a live version of his lead single Options.