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AFTERNOON TUNE: Titica - Ablua

Titica is such a bad-ass. Looking flawless as ever, the Angolan 21st century queen of kuduro goes hard, as always, and delivers an infectious up-tempo dance track with a distinct soukous guitar melody.

AUGUST: Celebrating African Women

NEW MUSIC: Cabo Snoop - Aka Yaka

Angolan kuduro heavyweight Cabo Snoop has just dropped a brand new track and whilst I’m not feeling the autotuned vocals, the beat doesn’t disappoint. He needs to let his voice take a backseat with this one.


Os Kuduristas

KUDURO. Born of Angolan renaissance in the Information Age, Kuduro, which means ‘Hard Ass,’ is the cultural expression of a new international and post-war generation. Os Kuduristas, a global initiative designed to introduce Kuduro internationally, is bringing Kuduro’s powerful form of expression to Paris, Amsterdam and New York through interactive events and programs in September and October, 2012.

“We were born in the provinces affected by the war.Our mothers were fleeing with us on their backs…and then at the age of 4 or 5 we would hear gunshots and such things.So this made us also turn to a more aggressive style. We smash!” - Presidente Gasolina

@Stocktown presents: Mc Sacerdote’s Kuduro video

Stocktown’s own Teddy Goitom & Benjamin Taft and Hugo Salvaterra of local co-production team Geração 80 joined forces with Mc Sacerdote, to shoot a spontaneous music video for a track he had recorded just days earlier.

Catch #Angolan Kuduro star Titica live tonight in New York City at the iBomba party at Bembe.

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