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A collection of some of my favourite Brenda Fassie songs:

  • Vulindlela
  • Nomakanjani
  • Weekend Special
  • Qula
  • Too Late for Mama
  • Istraight Le Ndaba
  • Black President
  • Good Black Woman


WOMEN’S MONTH MUSIC: South African singer Zahara pays tribute to the late and great Mabrrrr by singing one of Brenda Fassie’s most popular hits Vulindlela, live at carnival city.

Yoooooo! This performance is awesome! Zahara really does Brenda justice.

AUGUST: Celebrating African Women

2,841 plays
Brenda Fassie,
Black Presidant


Brenda Fassie - Too Late For Mama

RIP Mabrrr!

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Brenda Fassie,
Weekend Paradiso - Single



Added Azealia Banks’ 50-second “Paradiso” into its backtrack, Brenda Fassie’s “Weekend Special”. I love how this way, “Paradiso” can be enjoyable as a full song, which just happens to be a lovely 80s jam.

This is great!

RIP Mabrrr

RIP Mabrrr!


RIP Mabrrr!

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Brenda Fassie



Today marks nine years since the untimely passing of Brenda Fassie on May 9,2004. The South African afro-pop singer was dubbed the “Madonna of the Townships” by Time Magazine and affectionately known as MaBrr by her fans died after an apparent drug overdose led to cardiac arrest. Throughout her career as one of the most successful singers in South Africa’s history, the multi-platinum selling artist won numerous South African Music Awards and a Kora Award

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RIP Mabrrr!

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Brenda Fassie

TODAY’S CLASSIC TUNE: Brenda Fassie - Good Black Woman

Early on Monday morning police arrest my brother
for working, for a black community
Monday afternoon
went to see my brother
Policeman treated me like a donkey
I said to policeman,
You’ve got a bad attitude,
Oh no, I’m no criminal
I’m a good black woman 

The Brenda Fassie documentary I watched this past week has left me with an even deeper appreciation for Mabrr. Going to be watching it again tonight, only wish I knew how to transfer it from a DVR recording to my computer to give the rest of you, who are interested in seeing it, access to it.

For now, you can enjoy more Brenda Fassie here.

More African Music.

EVENING CLASSIC TUNE: Brenda Fassie - Istraight Lendaba

Powerful 1993 song from the late and legendary Brenda Fassie, a song about a woman who knows what she wants, or doesn’t want rather, and holds on to her right to refuse a man’s advances.

Correct me if I’m wrong, please.


Brenda Fassie, Not A Bad Girl Documentary

Was watching and live-tweeting this documentary a few days ago - incredibly powerful look into the life of the later South African artist during the formative years of her career in the early 1990s.

Unsure of where you can watch it outside of South Africa but if you’re in the country and have DSTV, I believe it aired on Mzansi Magic Music and should repeat some time over the next few days.

The imported Holographic Projection Technology that was billed “to raise the icon from the dead” and put her back on stage, was part of the Hansa Festival of Legends that took place in Newtown on Saturday.

The hologram that performed with Brenda’s son Bongani was slammed by many music fans.

Some said they did not feel that Brenda had risen from the dead, while others claimed they could not establish if the woman on the projection was indeed Brenda Fassie.

The projected image stunned fans as it was positioned too far back and no one could even make out the facial features.

The sound system also sank what could have been a spectacular event.

Social networks were abuzz with people commenting about the hologram.

Spook said: “I’m not sure about that Brenda Fassie hologram thou… creepy!! It looked like tokolosh. Bongani is the best performer.”

Ingonyama said: “What did u expect going to the Hansa Brenda Fassie projector screening?”

Ricky Kathilu of Malberton said: “I was disappointed because I thought it would be positioned in the middle, where everyone could see it. It looked too far. As for Kelly Khumalo’s performance, it was not impressive. But I enjoyed the Soil and Bongani’s performances.”

Dineo Moeketsi represented a few fans who were impressed with the performance: “I was personally blown away by the Fassie hologram. It was an incredible moment.” .

Musicians Khumalo, The Soil and Brenda’s son Bongani performed as part of the hologram tribute. Bongani’s rendition of her mother’s Too late for mama hit definitely outshone the hologram.

Zaki Ibrahim paid tribute to Lebo Mathosa but was booed off stage because she just could not connect with the crowd.

When Boom Shaka performed It’s About Time, people started responding. But that was short-lived as Thembi Seete sang most of her lines with a microphone that was off.

Sandy Botha from Pretoria said: “I don’t understand why they chose a white woman to do Lebo’s tribute.”

The event also featured Professor, TKZee, Zakes Bantwini, DJ Kent, Teargas and many others.

Brenda Fassie: Record Covers


Loved not only throughout the continent but around the world as well, little reason is needed to explain today’s iconic selection. South Africa has given us many-a-diva over the past several decades but none as feisty and as boundary-pushing as the late Brenda Nokuzola Fassie.


(if you have recommendations of icons we should feature for their style, send us a message!)

TODAY’S CLASSIC TUNE: Brenda Fassie - Weekend Special

Not quite sure who’s responsible for the egregious decision to make the weekday to weekend ratio 5:2, or why things are still this way. But alas, that bittersweet day which we call Sunday is upon us, quietly signifying the end of all that is good. Join me in savoring the last few hours of our resting period with some old school 1980s South African pop music, a la Brenda Fassie (RIP Mabrrrrrr).