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Alexandra Valiant Blues, October 2012.


Alexandra Valiant Blues, October 2012.

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1912-2012: 100 Years of Alexandra

(photos: various sources via google images)

2012 marks the 100th year anniversary of one of South Africa’s oldest townships - Alexandra.

Located in Johannesburg, Gauteng province, Alexandra was one of the few places in which black South Africans could buy free-hold land until J.B. Hertzog became Prime Minister in the 1930s and abolished it.

The area was initially supposed to serve as a white residential township, as intended by the white farmer, Mr. Papenfus, who owned the land and named it after his wife. However, because it was considerable distance away from Johannesburg at the time, the area was later converted into a black township.

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top photo: “Kwaito in the streets of Alexandra Township” © Krisanne Johnson

bottom photo: "Comeback Kid" © Pete Muller