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Photographs of black life and culture under Apartheid, taken by legendary South African photographer Alf Kumalo who passed away on October 21st, 2012.


Iconic South African photographer, Alf Kumalo

Legendary South African Apartheid photographer Alf Kumalo (right) passed away yesterday, October 21st, at the age of 82 in a Johannesburg hospital from renal failure.

Born in the Gauteng township of Alexandra in 1930, Alfred Kumalo began working as a freelance photographer in the 1950s - a trade that black people in South African were forbidden to take part in - and by the 1960s Khumalo began working for iconic black culture magazine Drum.

Throughout the Apartheid regime, Kumalo photographed and documented several historic moments in South African history including, the Treason Trial, the Rivonia Trial, the Black Consciousness movement, the 1976 Student Uprising and the Codesa talks. All despite numerous periods of detention, arrests and official harassment by the South African state police.

Kumalo’s work has appeared in international newspapers such as The Observer, New York Times, New York Post, and the Sunday Independent.

During his retirement Kumalo ran and managed the Kumalo Photographic Museum in Diepkloof, Soweto.

In 2004, Kumalo was awarded the Order of Ikhamanga, an award recognising his contribution to documentary photography and journalism in South Africa.