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Images of South Africa’s Indian community in the 1950s that were published in notable and widely-read South African-based magazine DRUM, that was centered around highlighting various facets of African lifestyles throughout Africa and the diaspora.

ETA: I believe most of these images were taken by South African photographer Ranjith Kally.

September: Highlighting African Photographers

Miriam Makeba with Sonny Pillay and his family, 1959.

Makeba and the Durban-Indian ballad singer, born Shunna Pillay, were briefly romantically involved after Makeba left an abusive relationship with her first husband and father of her only daughter Bongi, James Kubayi. 

Of his relationship with the late singer, Pillay says:

“My relationship with Miriam had no family pressure, just gossip. Our romance lasted a few months and then we moved on. We remained the closest of friends until her death.”

“Miriam Makeba and I had a brief romance. If we were married, it would have lasted a lifetime.”

Photograph by South African photographer Ranjith Kally.

September: Highlighting African Photographers


Africa | Bakutu woman. Tshuapa, Bodende, Belgian Congo (today, the Democratic Republic of Congo) | C. Lamote. ca. 1957


Mounted armed guards of the Emir of Katsina during festival of Sallah, Katsina, Nigeria.

The festivals of Sallah are celebrated on the two big Muslim holidays, Eid-el-Fitri and Eid-el-kabir, in December and February.

The Emir’s armed guards are dressed in the manner of ancient soldiers. Vests of chain armor are visible under the swirling blue robes, and faces peer out from dark indigo turbans wrapped around the head and under the chin.

This photograph was taken when Eliot Elisofon was on assignment for Life magazine and traveled to Africa from August 18, 1959 to December 20, 1959.
Vintage Nigeria


View of Afikpo Village. Ebonyi, Nigeria. 1950
Vintage Nigeria



Born in 1924, photographer Cornelius Azaglo grew up in Pkalémé, Togo. Aged 19, he bought his first Kodak camera and began taking photographs on a whim. In the early 1950s, moved to Burkina Faso where he came under the guidance of two professional photographers who trained him and inspired him to develop his artistic practice. Moving again in 1955, this time to Cote d’Ivoire, he opened his own studio “Studio Du Nord”. Azaglo worked in his studio, but also took to his bike armed with his camera and a swatch  of white cloth to take pictures of the people on the fly. He continues to take photographs today.
He is represented by Gallery 51

Black and white portraits taken by Togolese photographer Cornélius Augustt Yao Azaglo.

These photographs of elderly people were taken between 1950-75 of people living in Korhogo, a village in northern Ivory Coast.


Botswana: 1950

Photos of the people of (then) Bechuanaland including Sir Seretse Khama and his wife, Ruth (parents of the current president of Botswana, Ian Khama), by Margaret Bourke-White

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Photo by Daniel Attouma Amicchia

Untitled, 1950

Cote d’Ivoire

©Collection Sindika Dokolo - Revue Noire


Nigerian Woman during Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Lagos, 1956


Nigerian Woman during Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Lagos, 1956

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Accra Harbor ‘57
Nikolas Tikhomiroff


Accra Harbor ‘57

Nikolas Tikhomiroff

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Fulani woman in Niger.

From: Nomades du soleil de Henry Brandt, Edition La Guilde du livre, Lausanne, 1956.

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Plaiting hair in “kolese” styleNigeria, 1958Vintage Nigerian photos


Plaiting hair in “kolese” style
Nigeria, 1958
Vintage Nigerian photos

Beira ‘Praca A Lacerda’ Lacerda Square on Mozambique.

circa 1950s

Photo by Seydou Keita

Mali, circa 1952-55