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1910 Congo - Turumbu Man Tattoo Scarification

Young porters and shoe-shiners in Algeria, 1910

Hard Work in Mozambique: Loading the Steamers with Coal (c.1910)

The Merchant from Cayor, Senegal (c. 1910)

Benin, circa 1909

Albert Kahn

Sultan Yusuf Ali Kenadid on his throne

Somalia (1912)

Yusuf Ali Kenadid was born into a Majeerteen Darod family, the uncle of Osman Yusuf Kenadid, who would go on to create the Osmanya writing script for the Somali language. He was also the founder of the Sultanate of Hobyo in the 1880s.

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Type de « négresse » d’Adana, Turkey, c1910

Fulani women

1910s Senegal

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Three Zulu Girls

Cape Town, South Africa



Harar, Ethiopia, ca. 1910.

Source: Library of Congress


Portrait of a Shilluk man 1910 ”

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Zanzibari women wearing kanga’s

circa 1900-1920

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