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Jeune femme d’Algérie, circa 1900

M. Veniery, inscribed:
Sudan, early twentieth century

Not entirely sure what ‘Choubouk’ is in reference to concerning this portrait.

Henri Noyer (attr.), inscribed:
Taisaka Spearsmen No. 2
Madagascar, early twentieth century
Gelatin or collodion printed-out print

The Taisaka come from the South-East coast of the island of Madagascar.

Unidentified photographer
Mouv, Nthaka warrior
East Africa, early twentieth century

The Ameru had an age set system which provided the community with warriors for defense. Boys are circumcised and become Nthaka (warriors). They stay in a Gaaru and learn to defend the community and take care of their families. The warriors were called Nthaka and were isolated from the community for military training

Unidentified photographer
Photograph of a young woman
East Africa, Early twentieth century
Gelatin-silver developed-out print

Taken at the Scholtz Studio, in South Africa.

Maria was born to a family of inboekselings, which, loosely translated, means those forced into juvenile apprenticeships in agriculture. Her family became prosperous livestock and grain farmers at the turn of the century.

Santu Mofokeng, from “The Black Photo Album / Look at Me: 1890-1950,” 1997.

(Photographer: Scholtz Studio, Lindley. Ouma Maria Letsipa, née van der Merwe, with her daughter Minkie. Orange River Colony, South Africa, c. 1900. Albumen Print.)


Vintage Photography: Kenya, 1902
A portrait of Chief Kere, of the Nyakach clan of the Luo. He is adorned in a headdress of authority made of a lion’s mane. Notice that he is also seen adorned with armlets and golden rings, very special in those days.

(via manufactoriel)

Les st Louisiennes, St Louis du Sénégal, 1915

"The St Louisians, St Louis, Senegal, 1915"


Tzigane Egyptienne | Egyptian Roma Gypsy



Femmes catholiques de Ouidah, Benin. (1900)

I wonder if their conversion was by choice? Here’s an article about the rise of Catholicism in Africa over the past century.

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Vintage portrait of Betsileo children (Central Plateu)

Vintage photograph of a man holding toddler in a street in Mozambique.

Circa 1900.

Colonial Constructions: Dressing-up the “Other” (c.1906)

Hairstyle of Saintes-Mariennes, Madagascar