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Top Music Videos for August 2014.

A round-up of our favourite music videos posted over the month of August!

P.H.fat ft JungFreud - ‘Lights Out’

Next generation South African duo P.H.fat team up with arguably one of South Africa’s best lyricists JungFreud AKA Nonku Phiri to make one of the best electronic hip-hop tracks of the year.

Okmalumkoolkat - ‘iJusi’

An experimental rapper with an afrofuturist edge, it’s hard to not pay attention to anything South African artist Okmalumkoolkat does.

Niyola ft Banky W - ‘Love to Love You’

Nigerian R&B crooner Banky W features on this steamy new track and video for fellow artist Niyola’s hot new single Love to Love You.

Estelle - ‘Conqueror

The UK singer is back in full force with a brand new uplifiting anthem Conqueror that shows some vocal ability we haven’t seen before from Estelle.

Azealia Banks - ‘Heavy Metal and Reflective’

Desert scenes, dirt bikes, and the fiery self-proclaimed “best bitch in the rap game”.

Sauti Sol - ‘Sura Yako (Your Face)’ 

Kenyan boyband Sauti Sol have a brand new dance (called lipala) to accompany their latest single, and a music video that shows you just how to get down to it (with the help of the Sarakasi dancers).

MNEK - ‘Wrote a Song About You’

An insanely catchy and beautiful electronic pop ballad with a solid house beat, MNEK’s rich and soulful voice is

Benjamin Clementine - ‘Condolence’

Doom soul British-Ghanaian singer Benjamin Clementine walks a strenuous and lonely road in the new music video for his song Condolence.

Awilo Longomba - ‘Bundelele’

The man who brought us one of the continent’s most-loved Soukous songs is back! Whilst the single was released a few months earlier, Longomba’s finally dropped the offiicial music video for his track Bundelele (meaning ‘dance’).

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