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Blessing Okagbare Makes History For Nigeria at Commonwealth Games.

Nigerian athlete Blessing Okagbare sprinted to victory in Glasgow today winning gold in the women’s 100m race. Okagbare’s time of 10.85 established a new record for this event at the Commonwealth Games. She was followed by silver medalist Veronica Campbell-Brown of Jamaica at a time of 11.03.

This marked the first time since 1994 that a Nigerian woman had won a medal in the women’s 100m the Commonwealth Games when Mary Onyali and Christy Opara-Thompson took home gold and silver respectively.

So far, all of Nigeria’s gold medals have been won by women.

17-year-old Chika Amalaha won the country’s first gold competing in the Women’s 56kg weightlifting, and fellow weightlifter Oluwatoyin Adesanmi won the women’s 63kg gold medal.

Nigeria leads overall in the weightlifting categories. for both male and female, with two gold, three silver and one bronze medal.

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