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Benin singer Angelique Kidjo speaks out against human trafficking and child marriage on CNN.

As tragic as this situation is, it’s wonderful to see individual Africans from around the world show their support on behalf of Nigerians everywhere, but especially for the kidnapped Chibok girls and their families. What’s also great is the fact that, mostly through the power of social media, we’ve seen Africans use this as an opportunity to address many of the issues that plague our societies.

As I noted previously, this mass kidnapping not only highlights the flaws in national security, Nigeria’s counter-terrorism approach, and the ineffective leadership within the government, but also brings attention to the issue of human trafficking in Africa’s most populous country.

Watch as Benin singer Angélique Kidjo uses her platform as an internationally recognized singer to make a firm call to action aimed at African governments, civil society and the entire world to work against ending the culture of childhood marriage, human trafficking, slavery and other issues that jeopardize the humanity of African girls and women.


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