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Two Hollywood White Saviours Team Up to make a film set in…*cue djembe drumming*…Africa’.

*end djembe drumming*

Remember that guy who physically abused Madonna during their relationship in the 80s and went on to win two Oscars? Yeah, that guy. Well it turns out he and his current partner, South African-born fellow Academy Award winner Charlize Theron, take their white saviourism roles incredibly seriously. So much so that the pair are teaming up to direct (Penn) and star (Theron) in a film described by The Hollywood Reporter as such:

“The drama focuses on a talented and charismatic doctor (Bardem) who is forced to choose between his love for an American relief worker (Theron) and his dedication to saving lives in war-torn African nations. “

Oh jeez.

Like we really need another one of these kind of films.

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    ::rolls eyes into back of head:: and before she was a relief worker she worked at inner city schools and helped young...
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    Another “Whitey saves the day” movie… SMH
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    this sounds almost as bad as “machine gun preacher”