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Portraits of elderly people taken in Guinea-Bissau by Ernst Schade.

Sandwiched between Senegal to the north and Guinea to the south, Guinea-Bissau is a West African coastal country that was once part of two great civilizations - the Kingdom of Gabu and the Mali Empire. However, with the onset of European encroachment in the area, parts of the country began to fall under Portuguese rule as colonialism gained ground from the 16th century onwards.

It wouldn’t be until  1973 that Guinea-Bissau’s independence wouldbe declared on 24 September, officially recognized on 10 September 1974. Luís Cabral, brother of Amílcar and co-founder of PAIGC, was appointed the first President of Guinea-Bissau.

These portraits were taken between 2006-2013 by Ernst Schade, a Dutch self-taught photographer. Descriptions can be seen by clicking the photographs.

I’ve never believed in the beauty of melanin being an age-enricher as much as I have after seeing these portraits.

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