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Paintings by British-Ghanaian artist Lynette Yiadom-Boakye depicting subjects in a state of rest or recline.

The concept and act of lounging and leisure, repose and retirement are all very important factors to me. The older I get, the more having the space - both in the literal and physical sense, as well as in a more conceptual and figurative manner - to suspend and shrug off your responsibilities, and guiltlessly drown myself in a passionate state of tranquility and solitude, seems more of a luxury than an essential part of a necessary self-care routine.

Many of us who carry the burden of oppression are often systematically denied these pleasures. Constantly walking around with the scars and burden of being victimized in multiple ways, and the consciousness of a mind that because of these experiences sees no rest, only adds to the never-ending turmoil we seem to experience.

In addition, the taboo surrounding mental and emotional health in many African and Afro-diosporan communities makes the challenges we face as a result of these stresses even more difficult to address.

So where do we begin?

October: Highlighting African Art & African Artists

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