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Cape Town-based artist Jade Paton recently launched an instagram video-centered project in which she invites folks to submit short clips of them taking moving self-portraits of themselves as a way to explore the dynamic of agency in the fast-growing wave of selfies on social media platforms.

‘In this project I hope to interrogate the idea of the selfie as the ultimate democratisation of the self portrait, where the subject has an unprecedented degree of authorship (agency) over his/her self representation. Theoretically this personalised authorship could render a previously unsurpassed degree of individuality in terms of representation, but somewhat ironically social media have resulted in an extremely homogenised approach when it comes to self-representation.

Through use of moving still images, authenticity of representation is examined. A moving still might draw in the viewer far more, making for a more immersive experience. I am interested in examining and subverting the usual relationship that viewers have with images online. My subjects will be found on the web and on the street, making this an interactive project and one that I will upload on to instagram and tumblr so that my exhibition is accessible to all of the participants.’ – Jade Paton

Submit your portraits to selfieportraiture@gmail.com.

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