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Both in his photographs and in his short films Kiripi Katembo depicts the every day life of the inhabitants of Kinshasa as well as the instable political and economical context of his country.

Thanks to the use of the mobile phone or little video cameras he manages to film as close as possible to the street, avoiding the ban on filming of the Congolese government.

His works can also be more poetic, as in the series ‘un regard’… where he photographs people and landscapes reflection in the puddle of Kinshasa.

Kiripi Katembo Siku is a Goma-born and Kinshasa-based Congolese photographer and filmmaker. His first film Voiture en Carton was made with a cellphone and was selected at the “Pocket Film” Festival in the Centre Pompidou in Paris in 2008. Siku is also a co-creater of the association “YEBELA” that is made up of young directors and photographers whose work on video and photo projects depict the every day life of the of people Kinshasa.

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