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Lessons from the Sidewalk: 1001 Street Chairs in Cairo is a forthcoming publication which explores the city of Cairo and its urban dynamics through the lens of an often overlooked and apparently banal object.
The recent expansion of Cairo has run parallel to a proliferation of consumer goods in its public spaces. Omnipresent street chairs are one of the city’s defining fixtures. 
Street chairs are typically the result of a creative process of “postproduction” based on an archive of chairs available to their owners. People working on the sidewalks carve for themselves zones of relative comfort by “pimping” their chairs with cartons and cushions. They redesign, making hybrid pieces in which disparate elements coexist in surprisingly harmonic and effective ways.
Some searching led me to this intriguing archive of street chairs taken all over Egypt’s capital city, from 2010, and the facebook page for this project has used Google maps to note the exact location that each of the chairs photographed was taken.
Not exactly sure who’s behind this initiative but the result is absolutely incredible.
The tumblr page can be found here.
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