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Happy (belated) Independence Day Comoros!

Four days ago on July 6th the island nation of Comoros, located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of east Africa, celebrated its independence from French colonial authority that was won on that day in 1975.

African and Austronesian settles who traveled to the island by boat are thought to have been the first human inhabitants of the island who are speculated to have arrived around the sixth century AD, the date of the earliest known archaeological site, found on Nzwani.

The Comoros islands have since been populated by a diverse array of settlers ranging from Arab and Swahili settlers, traders and human traffickers, to Malagasy slave raiders, and Portuguese, Dutch and French colonists.

French colonial rule was established on the islands beginning in 1841 with the signing of the Treaty of April 1841 between France and the Malagasy King of Mayotte Andrian Tsouli. The Treaty surrendered the Comoros island of Mayotte to France. By 1912, the islands of the Comoros were all under French colonial control.

In 1973 an agreement was reached between France and local Comorian authorities for the islands to become independent and self-governing. On 6 July 1975, the Comorian parliament passed a unilateral resolution declaring independence with Ahmed Abdalla as the country’s first president.

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