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This year’s Caine Prize for African Writing has been awarded to Nigerian writer Tope Folarin for his short story Miracle. He has been awarded £10,000. 

'Miracle' is a story set in Texas in an evangelical Nigerian church where the congregation has gathered to witness the healing powers of a blind pastor-prophet. Religion and the gullibility of those caught in the deceit that sometimes comes with faith rise to the surface as a young boy volunteers to be healed and begins to believe in miracles.
A review of Folarin’s story ‘Miracle’ can be read here. Additionally, the BBC interviewed the five finalists (all from West Africa, four from Nigeria) nominated for the Caine prize, whittled down from 96 entries from 16 African countries, which you can listen to here. Really interesting podcast to listen to about each of the author’s stories, the culture of writing in Nigeria, and the publishing industry in Nigeria.
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