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Every year on April 27th, South Africa commemorates the first post-Apartheid democratically held elections in the country that took place on this day in 1994, by celebrating what is known as ‘Freedom Day’. The results of these historical elections saw Nelson Mandela elected as not only the first democratically elected president of South Africa, but the first black president as well. Mandela served as president until 1999.

Freedom Day is an annual reminder of the anti-Apartheid struggle that sought to bring about a free South Africa where all its oppressed citizens would be granted their full and constitutional human rights, and be able to participate in the development and progression of the nation.

Millions queued in lines over a three-day voting period. Altogether 19,726,579 votes were counted and 193,081 were rejected as invalid.

The African National Congress (ANC), whose slate incorporated the labour confederation COSATU and the South African Communist Party, fell short of a two-thirds majority.

As required by the Interim Constitution, the ANC formed a Government of National Unity with the National Party and the Inkatha Freedom Party, the two other parties that won more than twenty seats in the National Assembly.


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