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"The End of Eating Everything" is artist Wangechi Mutu’s first animated video, created in collaboration with recording artist Santigold and co-released by the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University and MOCAtv on YouTube.

The 8-minute video stars Santigold as a mysterious protagonist who is part human, part cyborg, part flying island, and her own ecosystem. The creature encounters a flock of birds and gulps them voraciously, invoking ideas of consumption. The video features an original soundscape by Mutu, a haunting score of weather, animal and machine sounds.

"The End of Eating Everything" was commissioned by the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University as part of the new exhibition "Wangechi Mutu: A Fantastic Journey," the first survey in the United States for this internationally renowned, multidisciplinary artist, and her most comprehensive and innovative show yet. "The End of Eating Everything" can be viewed in person at the Nasher Museum through July 21, 2013. This video is also shared at nasher.duke.edu/mutu.

Cast: Santigold
Art Director: Wangechi Mutu
Animation: Awesome + Modest
Animation Assistants: Greg Lytle, Jasmina Mathieu
Visual Effects Artist: Joaquin Jutt
Tracking Artist: Dylan Jutt
Camera and Lighting: Paul Shin
Make Up Artist: Devra Kinery
Sound Design: Cyrus Shahmir
Project Manager: Virginia Wagner
Studio Manager: Alexandra Giniger

Special Thanks:

Santi’s Fabulous Energy and Talent
Trevor Schoonmaker and the Nasher Museum Team
Jeffery Deitch
The Super Mutu Studio
Dedicated to Wathira, Neema and Mario
Commissioned by the Nasher Museum of Art At Duke University, Durham, North Carolina.
Animation © 2013 Wangechi Mutu Studio.

This short clip leaves a lot to the imagination so if anyone does happen to see this, please drop me a line.

Man, the animation on Santi’s body made my skin crawl.

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