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As African countries look for closer integration, building infrastructure is seen as pivotal, and China is playing a key role When Tanzania and Zambia were connected by the Tazara Railway built by China 40 years ago, people found a smoother connection and naturally a bigger market to break the isolation from the south.

Now many transborder networks are being built to fully unleash the market potential of the continent and help bring Africans closer together. Integration and unification are the buzzwords, and China is seen as having a big role to play as all that those words entail unfolds.

As the African Union began to mark its golden jubilee, its 20th governmental leaders assembly last month had as its theme “Pan-Africanism and Africa Renaissance”. (via All roads lead to union |Cover Story | chinadaily)

What I’m really looking forward to is the potential development of the proposed ECOWAS rail lines, should all go well.

(via prepaidafrica)

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    This is not good enough.And there shouldn’t be such a heavy reliance on China.
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