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Wisdom Edinam Kudwor (Wiz Kudowor)

Country: Ghana
Style: Cubism, Futurism, Contemporary Art, Fine Art, Abstract
Medium: acrylic on canvas

Fun Fact: Known as a trans-cultural visionary, Wiz`s work is influenced by two key interests: the human form as transformational agent and ancestral wisdom as “aesthetic tools”. Both are intricately linked to, and stand as metaphors for, self-growth. He speaks of “emotions, energies, feelings” some evoked from the everyday, others evoked from the “subconscious”; these “dictate at particular times” the nature and progression of his imaginative thinking and productivity.


“I strive to satisfy my own whims first in all these attempts hoping eventually to attract mutual minds and interests. There is however room also for the viewer to transcend and relate to my work from his or her own perspective. In other words, I expect the works to prompt and extract a response from those who come into contact with [it], even if negative.”

“When I travelled out to exhibitions, it transformed me into knowing I could tackle other things and not feel guilty about it. You are a human being first, African second. When I freed myself from the trappings of being African, my work became more universal.” 


1.Intimacy in red

2. Persistent of Shame

3. Love Cocoon

4. Anatony and a Fabric IV

5. Floral Arrangement

6. Untitled

Contact: www.wizkudowor.com


(+233) 21-769016 

(+233) 244-876459

(+233) 27-2599999


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