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DYNAMIC AFRICANS: Meet the young Moroccan, based in Belgium, whose blog, Kahina, highlights and celebrates the traditions, culture, aesthetics and history of the often marginalized Amazingh of North Africa.

Tell us a little about who is behind this blog:

I’m 15 years old, I study economics and languages. I’m a Moroccan Muslim, originally from the north-east close to the Algerian boarder. My parents emigrated in the seventies to Belgium like many other Moroccans searching for their luck in Europe. And I really love art.

What inspired you to start this blog and how long have you been running it?

At first I just had a blog without any exact purpose, I was mainly interested in other blogs. After a while, I realized there were not many blogs telling the stories the of the indigenous people of North Africa. I learned that many people think that the Amazigh culture is Arabic of Middle Eastern.

I also found that some people still have a false idea of the Amazigh people. They think for example that the Imazighen are a small group off people living in small villages in North Africa when in reality we are a large group of people living internationally.

And last but not least throughout my blog I try to show the richness of the Amazigh culture.

What is the meaning behind the name of your blog?

'Kahina' was an Amazigh queen and military leader. She led the Amazigh resistance against the Arabic expansion in Northwest Africa.

My url ‘Tamza-d-Amzew’ means female and male giant. Practically in every Amazigh story or legend there’s this giant scaring the people. They consist of many characteristics and interact with people.

Since starting this blog, what has kept you motivated and/or what new things have you learnt along the way?

Since I have this blog my interests in African culture has only continued to grow.

Your blog is dedicated to the history, culture, traditions and the identity of the Imazighen people - what is/are the most important facets of Imazighen traditions to you?

First of all I adore the old Amazigh stories my mother used to tell me when I was little, no Aladdin or little mermaid when I grew up :-)

The clothing and accessories truly fascinate me, I see this coming back in simple weddings of farmers in Morocco unlike the rich fancy wedding parties in the big cities.

I also feel proud to call myself Tamazight, and to be part of the Imazighen who have fought for their rights and freedom.

What do you enjoy most about blogging on tumblr?

I’m really interested in other bloggers showing their culture through similar mediums, and learning more through these blogs.

What do you want most for people to take away from your blog?

I hope people will look differently at the Imazighen when they’ve visited my blog, and understand the significance and importance of our culture.

Is there anywhere else you can be found on the internet if other want to network with you?

I don’t use other social media, maybe in the future I will!

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