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Nigerian artisan Ojo Obaniyi from Ibadan has applied his skill in weaving in an unusually creative way to advertise his business.

Obaniyi, who has practiced the craft for 20 years, has covered the interior and exterior of his Volkswagen pickup with raffia palm cane, including the entire car body, the wheel caps, chairs, steering wheel and dashboard in an effort to attract attention from passersby.

Obaniyi says of his handiwork:

 ’I wanted to prove a point that it is not only the educated elite that can make positive changes in society. We, the artisans also have talents to
effect a change and make a positive impact in the society.

That is why I decided that I too must do something that will make people to recognize me and know me across the whole world and by extension prove to the world that African and indeed the entire black race have very talented people.’

(via obruniradio)

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    Nigerian artisan Ojo Obaniyi from Ibadan has applied his skill in weaving in an unusually creative way to advertise his...
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    Design Boom did an excellent feature on Ojo Obaniyi’s project. Go to Buni TV Sign Up for Weekly Updates
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    Can’t knock the hustle!
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    OOOH! these are perfect for a summer day. the car will be nice and cooler without much AC.
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