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efrika.tv - Mpumi Mcata from the BLK JKS interviews Just A Band

To coincide with the release of Just A Band's new album 'Sorry for the Delay’, Mpumi of the BLK JKS and Motel Mari hooked up with Bill and Dan via Skype.

It’s a wide-ranging TEDx of a discussion about what it’s like making experimental music in Africa as well as the influence of hip hop, the importance of raising awareness of the threat to music in northern Mali and a shared desire to travel and play more across the continent. From efrika always something new.

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    yo, real issues for todays african musicians, i feel these niggies… wish there were more outlets though.
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    i REALLY REALLY REALLY miss Kenyan accents. i have this weird Nairobi-SA hybrid vibe going on… also, hey Bill!!!
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    I am here for all of this. #justaband #blkjks Thanks for posting :-)
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