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FILM: Cordão De Ouro (1977)

Cordão De Ouro is the oldest Brazilian Capoeira movie, was made in 1976 by Brazilian filmmaker Antonio Carlos da Fontoura.

The film features Mestre Nestor Capoeira, Mestre Camisa, Mestre Peixinho, Mestre Lua Rasta whose acting is accompanied by the music of Mestre Leopoldina.

The movie takes place during the oppressive military dictatorship in Brazil, that took place between 1964-1985, and tells the story of an enslaved man - Jorge - who, through the use of Capoeira, manages to escape from the mining company he is held captive at.

Whilst on his getaway journey, Jorge comes into contact with various facets of Brazilian culture - including African (West & Central), Afro-Brazilian (maculele and candomble) and Indegenous culture - that have played a role, in some way, in shaping both Capoerista and Brazilian popular culture.

There’s a disturbing part of this film that happens during Jorge’s first capoeira fight where his opponent is painted black. I’m not sure if this is of any significance to capoeira but I felt a little uneasy watching it.

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