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FILM: Sambizanga (1972)

Domingos is a member of a liberation movement in Angola and has been arrested by the Portuguese secret police after bloody events in the country. Whilst in detention he does not betray his comrades but is beaten to death in prison. Not knowing he is dead, his wife goes from one prison station to another trying in vain to locate his whereabouts.

Directed by Guadeloupean-born filmmaker Sarah Maldoror, who was married to one of the leaders of the Angolan struggle for independence, Sambizanga is set during one of the most critical and violent periods in Angolan history. The film follows Domingos wife Maria Xavier and tells the story of her desperate search for him, and chronicles the day-to-day struggle of her life during this time.

The majority of the actors were non-professionals who were in some ways involved with African anti-colonial movements, such as the MPLA and the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (PAIGC).

The character of Domingos Xavier was played by an Angolan exile living in Congo, Domingos Oliveira and the character of Maria was played by economist Elisa Andrade from Cape Verde.

Sambizanga won the first prize at the 1972 Carthage Film Festival.

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