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TODAY’S CLASSIC TUNE: L’Orchestre Kanaga de Mopti - Kulukutu

L’Orchestre Kanaga De Mopti is one of the best West African modern orchestras which originated from a wide range of state funding. In 1977, the Malian government-owned label Mali Kunkan released a series of LPs including this Holy Grail of Malian music, now fully remastered and available again via an official reissue

! In the 1960s, during the First Republic of Mali, modern orchestras were encouraged and promoted by Modibo Keita's government.

Starting in 1960, Bani Jazz became the city and region’s main orchestra before the name changed to the Orchestre Régional De Mopti in the wake of Mali’s Second Republic in 1969. At the end of 1970, the band published its first album under the name of Orchestre Régional De Mopti.

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