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“Defeat of the Ashantees, by the British forces under the command of Coll. Sutherland, July 11th 1824“

The Anglo-Ashanti Wars were four conflicts between the Ashanti Empire, in the Akan interior of the Gold Coast, now Ghana, and the British Empire in the 19th century between 1824 and 1901. The ruler of the Ashanti (or Asante) was the Asantehene.

The wars were mainly over the Ashanti establishing strong control over the coastal areas of what is now Ghana. Coastal peoples, such as the Fante and the inhabitants of Accra, who were chiefly Ga, came to rely on British protection against Ashanti incursions.

The Ashanti impressively withstood the British in some of these wars but, in the end, the Ashanti Empire became a British protectorate.

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