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A Fon diviner in Benin communicating with Vodun gods on behalf of a client

While many Fon identify as Christian, the majority practice Benin’s national religion Vodun. The Fon name for a god or spirit is “Vodu”.

Fon religion is polytheistic with a supreme (but not omnipotent) deity known as Nana Buluku.

Nana Buluku is an androgynous deity creator of the Universe and all that exists in it. Twins were born to Nana Buluku: the moon god Mawu and the sun god Lisa.

Lisa (male) and Mawu (female), married twin siblings of Nana Buluku, are the creator deities, occasionally combined as Mawu-Lisa, an androgynous deity. Lisa (or Mawu-Lisa) is the father of Dan.

Mawu-Lisa (or either separately), created the world and made it orderly, then made plants, animals and humans. The entire process is said to have taken four day’s time.

  • The first day, Mawu-Lisa created the universe and humanity.
  • The second day the earth was made suitable for human life.
  • On the third day, humans were given intellect, language and the senses.
  • Finally, on the fourth day, mankind received the gift of technology.

Nana Buluku was also incorporated into the Yorùbá religion as Yemaja, the female thought of the male creator Ashe and the effective cause of all further creation.


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