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During this past summer we received the great opportunity of traveling outside of the country, in particular to Africa. Our trip to Luanda, Angola was an inspiration filled trip in every sense of the term. The one word that comes to mind and sticks out is “Energy”, from the people to the Kuduro music what we experienced was the vibrancy of Angolan culture at its finest. 

Thank you guys for supporting us once again and our Travel Etiquette series which we are very passionate about because it’s more about the notion of collecting moments in life, rather than physical possessions.  Get those worn in chucks out, a small duffle bag, (oh yeah) your passport, go see the world, and here’s a bit why Luanda, Angola should be a first stop.

The video above is a teaser/preview of our time in Luanda, you can expect a number of video episodes from our experience in Angola accompanied with beautiful imagery VERY soon to be launched on our website.

Check out more at Os Kuduristas

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    During this past summer we received the great opportunity of traveling outside of the country, in particular to Africa....
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