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Pace Presents: FATOUMATA DIAWARA from Mali

Part of Pace Presents’ World Music Series at The Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts

Friday, September 28 | Tickets:  $35 | Doors/Lobby Bar at 6:30pm | Show at 7:30pm

The extraordinary story of Fatoumata Diawara’s meteoric rise as one of the music world’s most exciting artists begins with her joining a theatre company, performing the classical Greek role of Antigone, starring in a string of successful films, running away from her home in Mali to France and finally finding her calling as a musician.  The woman Pitchfork calls “beguiling” has worked with some of Africa’s most successful artists, including Oumou Sangaré, Cheikh Lô, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Herbie Hancock, Damon Albarn, Tony Allen, Flea and Bobby Womack.  Diawara was raised on West African Wassoulou music; a style performed mostly by and about women and thought to be an ancestor of American Blues; she uses this style as the base for her own songs.  At the center of her music is a warm, affecting voice; spare, rhythmic guitar playing and gorgeously melodic songs incorporating elements of funk, soul and jazz.  Her September 28th Pace Presents show features a full band, marks Diawara’s NY debut as a soloist and will highlight music from her latest CD on the World Circuit label.

For more information on Fatoumata Diawara please visit: her artist website

For more information on Pace Presents 2012 Season, please visit http://schimmel.pace.edu

E-mail us at info@africaisdonesuffering.com for a chance to win FREE TICKETS to the show. | You will be contacted if you have won tickets

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