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Select artwork from Nigerian-American artist Toyin Odutola.

"My work deals with interaction; employing “contrast” as a distinguishing method, I explore that interaction–hence the inclusion of Whiteness as motif into the dialogue of my work. Subjectively, the Otherness of Black is my representation of “Inclusiveness,” while the common Inclusiveness of White is my inverted “Otherness.”

Essentially, the relationship between “Otherness and Inclusiveness” manifests in Black being the positive mark imprinted into the neutral space of the foreign White picture plane.

The overall effect is meant to be stark, minimal, and streamlined: the Black figure as the molded silhouette punctuating the White which seems to engulf it.”

Toyin Odutola (x)

Her book Alphabet: A Selected Index of Anecdotes & Drawings is available for purchase.

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