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DYNAMIC AFRICANS: Hanaan of Ridiculously Sudanese

If there’s one blog that gets my sides splitting (even when I barely understand the narrative), it’s undoubtedly Ridiculously Sudanese. And would you believe the person behind it is only 14?

Sick of all the typical reports about Sudan, the blogger behind the appropriately titled blog takes the traditional and mixes it with the funny to create a unique string of posts that reflect things about Sudanese culture that are uniquely and ridiculously Sudanese.

Who’s behind this ridiculously hilarious blog?

My name is Haneen, and I come from a Sudanese background. I was born in Germany but moved shortly after my birth and was raised in various parts of the United States. I’m 14 years of age and am currently a freshman in high school.

I guess I’d say I’d say I live the average, insignificant life of an American teenager going back and forth to school and trying to squeeze in as much recreational time as possible. Not as exciting as I’d like to be but it’ll do for now!

The title of the blog is incredibly fitting, considering the content. Where does the inspiration for the name of your blog come from?

Despite growing up out of Sudan and simultaneously putting a large amount of effort into maintaining my identity and familiarizing myself my heritage there are certain aspects of Sudanese culture that are inevitably foreign to me. A lot of times when my mother would explain a certain custom or tradition that I felt was rather strange or outlandish I’d always reply “That’s ridiculously Sudanese” in a way that sort of implies “Yo’, you gotta be real Sudanese to do something like that”.

This is a name that I especially wanted those who similarly also grew up outside of the motherland to relate to. Those like me who didn’t have the luxury of gaining the exposure to our culture that living in Sudan offered like our parents, grandparents, and older generations did.

This is where the name “Ridiculously Sudanese” stems from.

What inspired and/or motivated you to start this blog?How long have you been operating it?

I created this blog in Mid-June of 2012, so I have been running Ridiculously Sudanese for exactly 3 months now.

I think many things inspired me to create this blog. One of greatest inspirational factors was all the negativity Sudan receives in Western media, something that most likely applies to a lot of other African bloggers as well. I was growing very tired of only hearing about the corruption and poverty Sudan is constantly being associated with.

I’m tired of only hearing the political side of things. I’m tired of hearing about Omar Al-Bashir and how he has hired the gas prices. I’m tired of people asking me “What do you think of the recent secession of South Sudan?”, and I’m definitely tired of people’s astonished expressions when I tell them we are a developed enough country to have internet and cable. I’m just sick of it.

This genuine distaste and hatred I have developed for these things is what inspired me to create Ridiculously Sudanese. A blog simply revolving around the richness and beauty of our culture. No starving children, no political leaders, and no military tanks. Simply evidence of the richness and beauty that society has failed to portray.

What do you enjoy most about blogging on tumblr?

I think tumblr is one of the most convenient blogging platforms out on the web. The layout itself is very simple and easy to navigate through. I think its simplicity and convenience itself as a whole makes it easier to communicate the wonderful aspects of Sudanese culture that I am currently trying my hardest to achieve.

Unlike other tools, tumblr actually allows me to communicate with others so it ultimately makes my blogging experience more interactive and enjoyable.

What are some of your favourite sources for the posts on your blog?

All time favorite source : Old Sudanese Photos.

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