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Ato Ateweberhan Segid

TODAY’S CLASSIC TUNE: Ato Ateweberhan Segid - Wedi Kolla Dega


Ato Ateweberhan Segid is one of the most popular singers in all of Eritrean history. Even if you think you’ve never heard of him, you have!

In this very telling song from the 50’s, he sends a very strong and clear message to the Eritrean people to beware of the foreigner’s favorite weapon: divide and conquer.

“Aslamay, Kristanay, Wedi Kolla Dega, ne Mihri Wetsa’i ayte habo Waga. Ayte habo waga, keyt’e hun idaga!”

(Muslims, Christians, low land citizens, don’t give value to the teachings of the foreigners or you’ll be up for sale)


(via fuckyeaheritrea)