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Kenyan filmmaker Hawa Essuman’s latest supernatural screenplay titled Djin (set in a sleepy seaside town that is about to be roused by a wind that stirs people’s deepest emotions every forty years) was selected as one of the 36 projects (from 465 entries) for Rotterdam’s 29th co-production market CineMart, where it was presented to 850 potential co-financiers.

Now word yet on whether she’s managed to raise all the funds she needs to go into production yet; but in the meantime, the acclaimed director of Soul Boy, her 2010 feature film debut (which was produced by Tom Tykwer - director of Run Lola, Run, Cloud Atlas), has been staying busy shooting music videos; like this one for Ghanaian/German artist Y’akoto’s new album, Baby Blues.

The track is called Diamonds.

(via Shadow & Act)

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