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I was just going through a Somali news website and came across this photos. Jumuah at Lido beach in Mogadishu! 

I cannot stop smiling. These pictures are amazing. Al-Shabaab is nothing, inshaaAllah, Somalia will be completely peaceful. Bi ithnillah. I hope to see the capital someday, inshaaAllah. 

These photos are so adorable. 

Nabad, peace!! :)

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    I went to Lido Beach when I last visited Somalia last month. It was just beautiful. May Allah bring peace to my home...
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    الاسكندرية لم تفرق كثيرا عن مقديشيو , ليعم السلام قريبا على الصومال كلها
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    I wanna be where you are….OOH!!!(c)MJ
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