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STYLE ICON: Patti Boulaye

Nigerian-British entertainer, Patti Boulaye was born born Patricia Ngozi Ebigwe on 3 May 1954 in mid-western Nigeria. As a teenager, she witnessed the horrors of the Biafran war in the country and her family later emigrated to the United Kingdom.

Raised in a strict Catholic household, Boulaye initially had hopes of becoming a nun. However, after mistakenly auditioning and for and successfully gaining a part in the musical Hair (she had thought the line was a queue for Madame Tussaud’s), Boulaye stepped into the world of entertainment and never looked back.

- DynamicAfrica

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    STYLE ICON: Patti Boulaye. Nigerian-British entertainer, Patti Boulaye was born born Patricia Ngozi Ebigwe on 3 May 1954...
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