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Aster Fissehatsion (born 1951) is an Eritrean politician and an Amnesty International Prisoner of Conscience. She is the former wife of Ex Vice-President of Eritrea, Mahmoud Ahmed Sherifo.

She joined Eritrean People’s Liberation Front in 1974 and became a leading figure in the struggle for independence in Eritrea. Following independence, she held the following positions: member of the Central Council of People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ); member of the National Assembly; Director of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs; and Head of Personnel in the Anseba Zone.

In 1996, Fissehatsion was dismissed from her job for criticising the increasingly authoritarian government, but was reinstated in 1999. In May 2001, she was one of 15 senior party officials, later known as the G-15, who published an open letter calling for peaceful and democratic dialogue…; and calling on President Afewerki to adhere to correct parliamentary and governance procedures, hold internal party meetings, and keep the promises made by the PFDJ in respect of judicial reform.

She was detained in September 2001 for being part of the G-15. 

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