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Lisbon-raised Guinea-Bissau-born model Armando Cabral has launched his own eponymous range of men’s footwear.

Here’s a little Q&A courtesy of Metro.co.uk with the new designer about his modelling life and new collection:

Q What did you like about being a model? 

A Its competitive nature and opportunities. It’s not an easy career but it forces you to do your best. I’ve seen amazing places and got to work with great individuals. And it can be lucrative. 

Q What did you dislike about working as a model? 
A The schedules and the jet lag. I used to travel a lot and never had enough time to spend with family and friends. 

Q How did you move into  the design industry? 
A I’ve always been interested in creating and transforming ideas into reality. Men’s shoes have been a lifelong passion. I combined ten years of modelling with my academic business background to get into design. 

Q Was it an easy transition  to make? 
A I knew what I wanted to create, so interpreting my style wasn’t too much of a challenge. However, I’d never designed footwear before, so that took some determination. 

Q Did modelling influence what you do now? 
A I’ve worked with many fashion houses and great designers. My collection is uniquely associated with my personal style, which I developed throughout years of modelling. 


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