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#Uganda Speaks: A Life Without Kony (Part 1)

UgandaSpeaks took the microphone to the people of Northern Uganda to recapture the narrative of Kony2012 following Invisible Children’s release of the controversial viral Kony2012.

In this video you will see some of the stories of the people of Northern Uganda and hopefully this will give you a glimpse of their opinions.

The video also shows the resilience among the victims of the war. Even though the war caused a lot of painful memories on people’s bodies and hearts, most of the people have managed to get back to their feet. 

We talked to former child soldiers, women and children who were once abducted by the rebels, people who narrowly survived the war with severe physical injuries, some of which will never go away.

Ultimately the people of Northern Uganda are indeed NOT voiceless and helpless. In fact, there are a lot of victims who have transformed into local champions; currently significantly contributing to Northern Uganda’s road to recovery.

Many families are practicing peasant farming and from their farm produce they have managed to sustain their families and to send their children to school.

Even with all these efforts, the people of Northern Uganda still have special needs - for example, during the war all the food was destroyed and animals were killed or stolen, infrastructure was also destroyed and for 25 years (during the war) there was very limited prosperity in the region. There fore in many parts of Northern Uganda the basic infrastructure is not fully developed.

Therefore, before you #CoverTheNight take a minute and respect the urgency of the people of Northern Uganda. Covering the world’s cities with Kony’s posters will not take away these scars and painful memories, it might make them deeper!

(via wahalalife)

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