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MTV Base Meets is looking for young African-born individuals, aged 19-25, and living in New York City! 

MTV Base Meets is broadcasted across Africa on the MTV satellite/ cable network. The program entails young Africans interviewing people of influence. South African filmmaker Catherine Muller from MTV Base Meets will be in New York in mid-May and is looking to cast 10 young Africans with energy, passion and a keen interest in the world.
Candidates, please be from the following countries: Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, Cameroon, Ghana, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, Malawi, South Sudan and so on.
MTV Base Meets has secured interviews with supermodel from South Sudan Alek Wek and Russell Simmons and needs 10 dynamic Africans to interview these global icons for their show !

Candidates must be involved in ONE of the following activities: 

  • involved in human rights work 
  • working with refugees 
  • involved in fashion 
  • involved in modeling 
  • involved in music (preferably hip-hop) 
  • involved in stand-up or comedy 
  • they should be entrepreneurs

The show is being produced by The Bomb Shelter. To read about The Bomb, please go here:www.thebomb.co.za . To visit filmmaker Catherine Muller’s website or review her bio, visitwww.cathmuller.comTo contact Ms. Muller, email her at cathmuller@cathmuller.com.
Stay tuned for more opportunities by the Association of African Journalists and Writers (AAJW). For more information on how to participate in AAJW, please email journalist@araoameny.com.

Have a great day! 

thanks to @araoameny for the info.

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