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Adèle Dejak will be launching her new accessories collection, The Rogo Collection, on 5th May 2012.

The new collection will be unveiled at the annual Tribal Chic fashion show at boutique Nairobi hotel, Tribe. The Rogo Collection encapsulates Adèle’s vision where style and substance effortlessly go together. It is a collection that encourages women to be unapologetic in embracing and celebrating their multidimensional nature.

The collection features jewellery, bags and belts made from materials including recycled aluminium, recycled brass, recycled denim, leather, horn, Kuba cloth and wax print fabric.

Exclusively handmade, the designs reinterpret traditional African handicraft and incorporate modern Western influences, reflecting Adèle’s heritage and experience. All pieces are made by skilled local artisans at the Adèle Dejak workshop in Nairobi, Kenya and expert craftspeople from around East Africa.

(via ONB)

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